What is Holganizer ?

HolgaNizer is an online tool that turns your favorite pictures into fake & realistic Holga pictures. It's also available as a Adobe Photoshop™ action to download, with more presets and more effects than the Holganizer online tool, and hi-res image outputs. Start Holganizing NOW !

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What is a Holga ?

Holga is a cheap chinese plastic medium format camera, and even the lens is in plastic. It creates distortion, light leaks,...

There are many different Holga models :

- Holga 120S : The original Holga. Fixed shutter speed, plastic lens, hot shoe.
- Holga 120N : Same, with tripod mount, B mode.
- Holga 120SF : A standard Holga 120S, with a flash.
- Holga 120GN : A Holga 120N with a glass lens.
- Holga 120FN : A Holga 120N with a flash.
- Holga 120GFN : A Holga 120FN with a glass lens.
- Holga 120CFN : A Holga 120FN with a color flash.
- Holga 120GCFN : A Holga 120CFN with a glass lens.

Latest Holganized pictures

2011-03-02 - Follow us on Twitter !

Follow Holganizer.net on Twitter

We just opened a twitter account !
It will display all the latest Holganized images from the website !
To follow Holganizer on Twitter, just click here, then click on the "Follow" button !

2011-01-03 - New settings

Happy new year everybody ! For 2011, we decided to offer you some cool new settings : You can now chose your frame number, and adjust the vignette strength... more realistic than ever ! And of course you can play with these new settings on your previously holganized pictures, without reuploading them.

2010-12-23 - Geographical search

Geographical search

Now you can click on the flag from your country to see who's holganizing in your area !
ie : US Holganizers, French Holganizers,...

2010-12-14 - New website !

The new version of holganizer.net is online ! Now you can create your own gallery, use a lot of different holganizing settings, get bigger images, and share your fake Holga pictures with your friends !


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